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Vomitorium Team Alternator Team Tide Pod Rampage Dick's Brigade Trial and Error Choppy Team UpperCut Last Minute Heros Team Ethel The Sawmill Slicey Team dyisfunctinal Engineering Failures Gary Aluminium Men Single Pringles ready to catch Shingles One punch The Round Table Dicks Brigade Dank Engine The Recyclers German Von Herman Class Eejits Frozen Gravity Dirtbags Giant returns, DUDE The Muppets team One punch Computer The Overseers Suit & Tyre Test Suit and Tyre Nihilistic Turtles (external) Pandamonium Two To Tango Pizza Time. Dad Punk Panther (external) Reinforced Concrete Ducks Revenge (external) Compensating for something <script>alert()</script> (external)