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RFL Update - September 2020

21/09/2020 11:03

Hey everyone, Robot Fighting League is excited to welcome back new and returning students alike to Leeds! You will hear a lot more about Robot Fighting League at the ShockSoc freshers event if you are a new student. Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel November's Robot Fighting League event due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as we cannot ensure that the event can be run safely within LUU and UK Government guidelines. However, the Spring RFL event on March 11th 2021 will hopefully go ahead if we are able to run the event safely in accordance with future guidelines. You can join the new Robot Fighting League Discord server (https://discord.gg/uKwrxJc) for important competition announcements, questions about the event or robot building, as well as to get to know fellow competitors and spectators. We are also planning a National Robot Fighting League event in conjunction with the IET (https://www.theiet.org/), which will be a 3-day event between the 14th and 16th of June 2021. Teams from universities and IET On Campus groups across the UK will be building robots for them to fight at the Leeds University Union, and we would love to have some teams from the University of Leeds as well! We'll be releasing more information about future RFL events once everything is confirmed, so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page and on the RFL Discord server. We hope everyone stays safe and well, and we look forward to seeing you at future RFL events!

posted by: finnbob3334

Workshop area

11/03/2020 15:34

Please can all competitors go straight to Function (above the Pyramid Theatre) - we are having the workshop in there for this event, not in the Pyramid cafe.

posted by: finnbob3334

Workshop Times and Music

10/03/2020 14:50

Hi All, The workshop will be open at 3pm tomorrow so please get to the workshop for then so we can brief you on the event and how things will be running. The workshop has been moved to the Function room which is above the Pyramid. Also, if you want your own intro music, you need to have put it on your competitor hub profile by the end of today. Additionally, please make sure you have added yourself to the event to make things easier for us. Thank you and we'll see you tomorrow!

posted by: RFL_Commander

Last chance for safety checks TOMORROW

08/03/2020 16:43

Hello, This is a reminder that if your robot has not been fully safety checked and signed off, tomorrow is your last chance to have safety checks done before the competition (unless we have decided on something else). This includes robots which we were mostly happy with but require small modifications (e.g. LiPo shields, weapon stoppers etc.) We will be in Lab B.55 in Elec Eng from 3pm-6pm tomorrow. If your robot is not fully safety checked and signed off, then it will not be allowed into the competition on Wednesday! Please let us know (email: shocksoc@leeds.ac.uk) if you have any questions.

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Last time for safety checks

06/03/2020 17:02

Hello, The last time for safety checks will be between 3pm and 6pm on Monday 9th March in Lab B.55 in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. If your robot is not signed off at this safety check (unless you have already been checked or we have arranged something else), you will not be allowed to compete on the day. If there are any problems, email us on shocksoc@leeds.ac.uk!

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Safety checks and hub documentation

03/03/2020 16:12

This is just a reminder that if you have not had your safety check yet or if you require further checks, please get in touch with us at shocksoc@leeds.ac.uk to arrange a time before next Wednesday. Also, please make sure to complete your Competitor Hub documentation (including facts and song etc) and submit it to us for approval as soon as possible if you are competing. Please get in touch if you have any queries!

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Safety checks TODAY

26/02/2020 14:43

Hello, This is a reminder that safety checks are TODAY between 16:00 and 18:00 in Lab B.55 in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. If you cannot attend, please email us on shocksoc@leeds.ac.uk and we can arrange another time. Remember that it is your responsibility to arrange safety checks if you do not attend today, and you will not be allowed to compete if you are not safety checked before the event.

posted by: finnbob3334

Weapon stoppers for spinning weapons

24/02/2020 13:27

Hello, To ensure that RFL is kept safe for all, we are asking for teams who are building spinner robots (robots with a spinning weapon such as a blade) to provide a weapon stopper so that the weapon remains immobilised until it is placed in the arena. This can be as simple as a block of wood placed in between the weapon and robot to stop the weapon from moving. If you need any advice or want to ask us anything regarding this, we can discuss it at safety checks or you can email us at shocksoc@leeds.ac.uk

posted by: finnbob3334

Safety checks reminder

22/02/2020 12:28

Hello everyone, Hope robot building is going well! This is just a reminder that we are having safety checks on Wednesday 26th February between 4pm and 6pm in Lab B.55 Elec Eng. Please bring anything you have so that we are able to check it. Please get in touch at shocksoc@leeds.ac.uk if you have any questions or cannot make it - remember that it is your responsibility to organise safety checks for your robot.

posted by: finnbob3334

Safety checks for Spring 2020 RFL

11/02/2020 11:54

Hello all robot builders, If you are planning to compete in the next RFL event on the 11th of March, we are planning to do safety checks on Wednesday the 26th of February between 4pm and 6pm in Elec Eng Lab B.55. Your robot does not have to be fully working, as long as we are able to know things like the planned weapon type and the location of the safety link and LiPo. If you cannot make the safety check but still want to compete, please email shocksoc@leeds.ac.uk so that we can arrange an alternative time for safety checks. It is your responsibility to arrange for the safety checks to be completed if you cannot come. * If the safety check is not completed before the competition, you will not be allowed to compete! *

posted by: finnbob3334